Sunday, April 18, 2010

One That I Missed

A year ago, on the day I set out on my swimming lark, I missed a small rock pool at Maroubra. Actually, there are two pools built from two semi-circles of rocks. They were constructed, on the south end of Maroubra Beach, to provide a safe swimming spot for young children when surf conditions were dangerous.

The pools are shallow at the best of times, but on the day I came back to swim them, it was right on low tide. 

I paddled across the smaller of the two pools, but there was just enough seawater at the far end of this pool for me to swim a bit of breaststroke and to float on my back. 

I'd "swum" another rock pool on my coastal trek, but hadn't actually had a decent swim yet. So, into the ocean I went, to bodysurf a couple of the small waves (I even got dumped by one).


  1. Beautiful! It's great to explore Australia through your photos. Outdoor swimming won't be available here in Toronto for a few months still.
    Wanted to let you know that I've added your blog as a link on my fledgling wordpress production - hope that's ok with you!

  2. Fine by me, thanks for the comments. I guess it's still a bit chilly over there just yet. In Sydney we can generally swim outdoors through the winter (in the ocean).