Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bicycling To Botany Bay

Not content with swimming at Mahons this morning, I got on my new (cheap) bicycle, and pedalled very slowly along the bike tracks along and around the Cooks River to Botany Bay. I couldn't swim at Kyeemagh as they are still working on the desalination pipeline, and the swimming enclosure has been taken away. So I lazily cycled down to Brighton-Le-Sands, and had several swims there. Each of the swimming enclosures along Lady Robinsons Beach are huge, so swimming along the length of the shark net is quite a workout in itself. I seem to be using front crawl more and more, which is the stroke I used to use when I was swimming a lot in the 1980s. I gave up the stroke because I used to get bad shoulders, but so far i've been okay. Then again, I'm a very lazy swimmer these days.


  1. shark nets, urghhh even the words make me shiver......

  2. You'd have to be very, very unlucky even in open water. Sometimes, though, when you're swimming and you start to think about them, it can spoil your swim. The shark nets just give you a secure feeling.