Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Of The Winter Swimming

The First of September is the (official) start of Spring in Australia, so this weekend has been my last chance for an (official) Winter swim.

All last week there were strong (and cold) westerly winds blowing, flattening the ocean, and making swimming conditions perfect at any stage of the tides. Today, however, a southerly change has been moving up the coast, bringing a swell with it. I could only get to Wylies on high tide today, and the pool was too rough to swim in. So, it was a case of wandering down to the beach and swimming in the pool under the Surf Life Savers' Club. It's protected, to some extent, from a southerly swell, but, even then, it got a little rough at times. I swam for about 20 minutes in the 15 degrees water, and certainly missed the hot shower afterwards. Luckily, it was a perfect day, so a mug of hot tea in the warm sun soon restored me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Colder Water

I didn't think the seawater temperature would get down to 15 degrees this winter, but it has (with one weekend to spare).

Today was a gorgeous Sydney winter's day, sunny and bright with barely a cloud in the sky. There was a strong, cool westerly blowing which flattened out last week's swell on the ocean.

The water was clear and sparkling (and cool). I swam twenty, lazy lengths in the sun. I still can't be bothered to wear a swimming cap. Later I sat up on the decking, drinking a mug of tea and watching the ocean.

Afterwards, I wandered along the cliff path, past the Ladies' Baths, and down to Coogee Beach.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Only Two Weeks Left

There are only two weeks left for (official) winter swimming. The water temperature has only just dropped to 16 degrees. I doubt that it'll now get down to 15. I've given up the idea of wearing a swimming cap this winter.

I swam my twenty lengths late in the day, just as the light was beginning to fade. I had to wait for low tide because the swell had been so big. In fact, conditions were so dangerous that Wylies was closed on high tide.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Water's Getting Cooler

The water is finally cooling down. I went swimming at Wylies yesterday, and the temperature has just dipped below seventeen degrees. Today is the first of August, so there's only four weekends of Winter left. I wonder if it will make it down to 15 degrees this year?

Still no need for the swimcap. I swam twenty lengths with the occasional set of waves breaking into the pool.