Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three Weeks Until Winter

A gorgeous day in late Autumn. The morning was about 11 degrees Celsius, but was due to warm up to 22. Wylies Baths is perfect on a day like today. It's out of the cold winds and in the warm sun most of the day.

Walking down to Wylies

I swam a lazy 15 lengths in amongst the fish

Still no need for a hot shower

When I first started this blog, I only really intended to use it to record my progress in my (admittedly daft) attempt to swim the Sydney coastline using tidal baths and ocean pools. However, I got a bit carried away, and wrote a sort of a swim diary over the course of a year. I enjoyed doing this, but also wanted to tidy up the entries concerning the swim trek and try to present them sequentially. To that end, I've started a website concerned only with that swim. It needs a good deal of revision, as it's pretty much copied and pasted straight from this blog. Also, 10 pools/ enclosures (at least) still remain.  The website is at: 

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