Monday, April 15, 2013

Swimming In The Royal National Park

There are some excellent bushwalks through the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney. Today I returned to a walk that I last did over twenty-five years ago. I hiked the Uloola Track from Waterfall railway station to Uloola Falls; then the Karloo Track to Heathcote railway station to catch the train back home. There are a good many bushwalks in the National Parks surrounding Sydney that are readily accessible by train, and many walks that operate as a circuit from one railway station to another via some really quite wild country.

One of the many things I enjoy about this walk is that there are several swimming holes in the creeks of the park.

The photo above was taken at the cascades on Uloola Brook, just upstream from Uloola Falls. The water is barely deep enough for a short swim. The real attraction is sitting under, or behind, the tumbling water. This was at nine in the morning, and the water was cold.

The next couple of photos were taken at Karloo Pool on Kangaroo Creek. Here, the water is very deep in places, and you can have a long swim. This pool was still quite cold too. It is mid-Autumn, though, I suppose.

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