Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day at Wylies Baths

Christmas Day morning was cool, dull and overcast after a scorching Christmas Eve. Still, we headed off for a swim. For the past few months I've been swimming at Dawn Fraser Baths in the harbour, but it was closed for the public holiday. Wylies Baths was open, so Wylies it was. The baths are usually very busy with parties on Xmas Day, but, perhaps because of the weather, not  many people were down there when we arrived, so there was plenty of room to swim. The ocean water temperature is always cooler than the harbour water temperature, but today it felt especially cool. Perhaps there's been an upwelling? In any case I didn't believe the 20 degrees Celsius written on the board. Still, it was a great way to start the day. Ten lengths of breaststroke, then a couple more just gliding up and down with the goggles off, watching the waves crashing against the rocks. It started to drizzle as we left, and, eventually, it was a day of thunderstorms and heavy rain.

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