Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Tidal Baths at Dolls Point

When I first started the swim along Sydney's coastline using tidal baths and rock pools, I was unable to swim at Dolls Point Baths because it had been closed due to storms and sand movement along the beach. Today was my chance to complete this section of my swim.

The tide was quite low when I arrived, and much of the area of the swimming enclosure was exposed beach. However, I swam the length of the shark net in waist deep water, and completed this particular leg of the overall swim.

The western shore of Botany Bay has several swimming enclosures along a long strip of sandy beach, Lady Robinsons Beach.  The enclosures are: Sandringham Baths, Dolls Point Baths, Ramsgate Baths, Monterey Baths, Brighton-le-Sands Baths and Kyeemagh Baths.

Here's another of the warning signs that are now at most of the tidal baths. This one is particular to Dolls Point, and seems to suggest that the conditions that caused the closure of the baths four years ago are still occurring. 

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