Friday, October 8, 2010

San Francisco Bay

After a (much) delayed fifteen hour flight, I finally got to San Francisco on the same date that I left Sydney. The day was really hot (88 degrees Fahrenheit, so 31C) and sunny. I caught the trolleybus over to Fisherman's Wharf and walked around to Aquatic Park. There were plenty of people on the beach, but not too many in the water.

I walked around to The Dolphins Swimming (and Rowing) Club, and used their facilities. They have their own liitle stretch of beach behind the club, so I just walked down the steps and got into the sea from there. The water temperature was 61 degrees Fahrenheit according to their board (16C). It felt like a winter swim in Sydney, but someone that I was talking to told me that this was their top temperature for the Bay.

I swam off in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge, but within the shelter of the Aquatic Park surrounding piers and marker buoys. I was in the water for about half an hour or so. It was an amazing swim, but I was glad of the hot shower afterwards.


  1. I knew I recognised where you were Chris - I've read about it on this blog:

    you're very intrepid just finding it and getting in like that, well done! sounds great!

  2. Actually, not too intrepid - I'd read the same blog that you read. I also read about the swimming clubs, so I knew I could use their facilities, and could get local advice. It was a great swim though. I swam across the area between the piers and had glimpses of the bridge, then glimpses of Alcatraz and the ships on the way back.

  3. still sounds intrepid to me... Alcatraz, ships.....very memorable!