Monday, October 18, 2010

Back To The Baths

While I was away swimming in the chilly waters of San Francisco, one of my favourite swimming baths opened for the summer season. Balmain (or Dawn Fraser) Baths is a great place to swim. The oldest remaining swimming baths in Australia (with the oldest swimming club), Balmain Baths is a tidal, saltwater pool on the Parramatta River. The showers and changing sheds are in a Heritage building on the register of the National Estate. It's a relaxed and friendly place to swim a few lengths.

I like to get here just as they open on a summer morning. Usually, there are only a couple of swimmers in the water, so it's easy to do my ten to twenty lazy lengths. 

On this, my first weekend of the season, it was more like winter swimming. There was a strong, cold westerly blowing. The air temperature was 12 degrees Celsius, while the water was 17C. It made for a brisk walk from the pool to the changing shed, and an extended stay in the solar-heated showers.

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  1. sounds bracing.... and lovely! I like your new background and layout