Friday, December 4, 2009


Wattamolla is a sheltered cove in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. It has a large saltwater lagoon behind an ocean beach. Swimming here is absolutely wonderful. You can have a bodysurf in the cool ocean, then swim up the lagoon to the falls tumbling off the cliffs (avoiding the thrillseekers jumping off the cliffs). You can swim further up the north arm of the lagoon to Wattamolla Creek and follow the (comparatively) cold freshwater creek upstream to a series of waterfalls and an ephemeral swimming hole. I love sitting on the rocks under the cold force of the falls, then walking back down the creek to wallow in the warm lagoon.

Wattamolla Lagoon
Wikimedia Commons: Author: Klaus-Dieter Liss (Kdliss)

Looking from the cliffs where Coote Creek falls into the lagoon. Lots of people jump over the edge of the cliffs (despite the warning signs) to splash into the deepest area of the lagoon.

I have been coming down here to swim and to bushwalk for almost 25 years. I could never grow tired of it.

Wattamolla Lagoon
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