Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Day At Bent's Basin

There's dangerous surf at all the beaches, so freshwater swimming holes are probably the place to be. There's also been a change in the weather, with temperatures dropping down to the low twenties and a cool southerly wind blowing. The water at Bent's Basin, however, is still very pleasant.

I love swimming right around the perimeter of the lake, or waterhole, alternating between breaststroke and sidestroke, or floating along on my back, looking up at the sandstone cliffs and the bush.

I came here after work today and spent an hour or more swimming (and taking photos).

After my usual circumnavigation, I swam across the waterhole, and climbed out to sit on the rocks. Usually it is very hot on the sandstone, but today the wind was keeping things cool.

Bent's Basin is about 60 kilometres south-west of the city. It's a deep hole in the Nepean River where it flows through one of many sandstone gorges. There's a camping ground here, and, I'm told, it's very popular with kayakers - though I've only ever seen swimmers when I've been here.

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