Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mid - Winter Swimming in Sydney

According to the ABC weather report, this week is, statistically speaking, the coldest week of the year in Sydney. The water temperature has, however, risen. Two days ago it was 16.5 celsius; today, it was back up to 17.

A perfect day for winter swimming: sunny, warm, blue skies and a light breeze. Wylie's was gorgeous right on low tide. I did twenty lazy laps of breaststroke, then had a hot shower and a hot mug of tea.

When I used to swim here in the winters during the nineteen-eighties, you had to make do with just the hot mug of tea - only a cold shower in those days. The baths were closed to the public during the winter, but as a member I had my own key to the gate. Winter swimmers in those days stuck to the regulation channel swimming attire of bathing costume, goggles and cap. These days, however, quite a few people are wearing wetsuit tops, triathlon wetsuits or even the full steamer with a hood. There also seem to be quite a few people swimming lengths in full face mask, snorkel and flippers. I'd be interested to know if the winter swimming clubs allow their members to wear any of the above nowadays. Personally, I'm happy enough with my speedos, cap and goggles.

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