Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coogee In Winter

This is more like a Sydney winter's day. The rain has stopped, the sun is back and the skies are clear. The sea temperature is still 18 degrees celsius. Mind you, the westerlies have started blowing, and they are bitterly cold. Still, all in all, a perfect day for winter swimming.

These last few years, I've been going to Wylie's Baths for my winter swimming, on account of it having solar heated showers to warm up my old bones. Today, however, I forgot to bring my $3 entry with me, so I walked down to the beach to swim. I went in the pool below the Surf Life Savers Club. It must be 20+ years since I swam here in July. Today was warm enough in the water, but a bit chilly in the wind. Plenty of people were taking a dip in the clear, sparkling saltwater, either in the pool or in the ocean. Tomorrow, though, I'll remember to take my entry fee to Wylie's.

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