Sunday, July 13, 2014

Watching Whales from Wylies

I've spent some glorious winter afternoons at Wylies Baths recently. After swimming my lengths with the fishes in the cool clear pool, I usually stand on the high decking with a cup of tea and my binoculars. I'm looking for whales, and, most days, I see lots. Humpback whales travel up the NSW coast from the Antarctic Ocean to the Coral Sea at this time of year. Usually, the spray from the blowholes tell you where the whales are, and, then, you can look through the binoculars to see them at the surface. Often you can see some tail slapping. One day, I was lucky enough to see one breach. On the odd day that I couldn't spot a whale, I watched dolphins in the bay, or gannets soaring above the sea and suddenly diving into the water to feed.

They're out there.

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