Friday, April 13, 2012

The End Of The Summer Swimming Season

On Sunday, I had my last swim at Dawn Fraser Pool (or Balmain Baths) for six months. It is now closed for the winter. I managed to have a few days swimming just before it closed. The weather was kind enough to stay dry for several days in a row (unusual for this past summer), so I went on Thursday evening after work, on Saturday morning at sunrise and again on Sunday morning at sunrise. Monday was actually the final day, but, after a wild storm on Sunday night, the Parramatta River was polluted by stormwater yet again. I'll be back on, or shortly after, the October long weekend.

On Wednesday I headed back to Coogee and Wylies Baths. I'll be swimming here for the next six months. I actually like having the two different locations at the two different times of year for my regular swims. It provides a seasonal feel to both sets of baths.

I swam again at Wylies today, on a beautiful Autumn morning in the warm sun. The water was clear, sparkling and 21°C. I'm used to swimming a kilometre at Balmain, which is 20 lengths, but I have to remember that a length at Wylies is 50 yards rather than 50 metres, so I need to swim an extra 2 lengths. Not much of a problem in this wonderful saltwater.

Today I was amused to see that somebody had dug out an old sign that I'd completely forgotten about. It used to be displayed quite prominently when I was a regular swimmer and member here during the 1980s before the renovation/ restoration of the baths.

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  1. Loving the swimming blog. I have just developed an obsession with Sydney's pools and have swum in 3 in 3 days: Boy Charlton, Manly, Dawn Fraser and tomorrow North Sydney. Wish I had more time to swim in more rock pools.
    My cycling blog is here:
    Keep swimming