Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Swim From The South End Club

The two swimming clubs situated at Aquatic Park on San Francisco Bay are The Dolphin Club ( ) and The South End Club ( ). Both date back to the 1870s, and were formed as both rowing and swimming clubs. Members swim in the Bay all year round

The clubs are open to the public on alternate days, excluding Sundays and Mondays. Previously, both last year and this year too, I'd been for a swim on days when it was the Dolphin Club that was open for public swimming. I was lucky enough on my fifth swim in San Francisco Bay to swim from the South End Club. 

The swimming course at Aquatic Park

A swimmer returns to the South End Club pier


  1. it looks like you're having a fantastic time Chris, some great swimming experiences......!

    on a technical note - would you consider setting your blog so that more than one post appears at a time? - sorry to stick my nose in if you like it better the way it is!! It would make it easier to read your posts in relation to what's gone before without having to flick back page by page to find the other recent posts.....disregard this if you think I'm a busybody!!

  2. I think I've fixed that now, Marina.

  3. thank you - that's lovely and flows so well.....!