Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooler Water

It's beginning to feel like winter swimming at last. The water temperature at Wylies today was (according to the board) 17°C. I still don't feel the need to wear a swimcap, but that's because I only swim my 20 - 25 lengths.

The week has seen very strong (and cold) westerly winds. Today they were particularly strong, but, as the cliffs protect the baths from the cold westerlies and southerlies, it was warm in the sunshine. 

The offshore winds were, however, meant to flatten out the seas, but when I swam, just past high tide, I got a rather rough and choppy pool.


  1. wow that does look choppy, funny to think of a pool being susceptible to weather conditions - could you get washed over the side if it was very stormy?

  2. Yes, in rough weather, especially at high tide, you need to be very careful. I've never had it happen to me, but I've seen people get caught in a sudden surge and be swept over the wall. If that happens you need to stay in the deeper water until there's a lull and it's safe to climb across the rock ledge and back into the pool. At times they close the pool on high tide if there's a particularly big swell.