Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coogee Ladies Baths

This is the one pool that will (quite rightly) always elude me on my somewhat silly attempt to swim all of the ocean pools and tidal baths in Sydney.

McGivers Ladies Baths at Coogee is a very important recreational facility for women in the greater Sydney area. It is, to my knowledge, the only swimming pool to be available for bathing by women and children only at all hours.

According to the NSW Ocean Baths website ( ), it has been used as a women's swimming area continuously since the 1860s.

I recall that, during the 1990s, a man made a complaint (either misguided or spiteful, it seems to me) to the Anti- Discrimination Board, claiming that his exclusion from the pool constituted an act of discrimination. Good sense prevailed, the case was dismissed and McIvers Ladies Baths was excluded from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act. 

Obviously, I am unable to provide photographs of the pool area, but I am able to supply links to two blogs that have excellent descriptions and photographs of the baths:

firstly, from the blog, Swimming, a post, McIvers Baths, Coogee

and from the blog, Swimming Pool Stories, a post, Ladies-only at lovely McGiver's Baths

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