Monday, March 29, 2010

The End Of Another Lazy Day

Another lazy day spent avoiding the heat by swimming at Balmain (Dawn Fraser) Baths in the morning, then at Wylies Baths in the afternoon. Now it's evening and it's getting cooler. Time for a latish cup of tea, sitting out in the back yard, watching (and listening to) the lorikeets and currawongs.

I've changed the blog layout, but I'm not sure that I actually like it. It may yet change again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Last Few Swims At Balmain

Probably only three or four swims left at Balmain Baths after this morning. I took a few snapshots on my very cheap Tescos camera. I swam twenty luxurious lengths this morning, including 7 or 8 lengths of front crawl, and was lapped by another regular (probably more than once).

Walking down towards the baths

Balmain Baths in the early morning

Signs at the baths

Walking away from the baths along the harbour footpath

Looking back at the baths

Friday, March 12, 2010

Three Weeks Left

The only drawback I can think of to winter's arrival is that Balmain Baths closes for the season. This happens on Easter Monday, so there's (slightly longer than) three weeks to go. I'll miss those early Sunday morning swims, followed by my first cuppa of the day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waiting For The Winter

Not that there's anything wrong with summer, but I think I prefer swimming in the winter.

Right now the air temperature is in the thirties (Celsius), and the seawater is around 23 or 24 degrees. You could stay in the water all day and still not shiver. But everybody is keen on the beach or the rock pools at this time of the year, so it gets very busy indeed. Wylies Baths were especially crowded this weekend. My lazy lengths involved many-a-detour around rubber dinghies and li-los, and many avoidances of be-flippered and be-goggled youngsters exploring the ocean life at the bottom of the Baths. At least my simple breaststroke allows me to see what's ahead and thereby avoid it. Not so those front crawlers who are trying to do fast lengths in a full pool. I am always very keen to avoid these serious swimmers, especially the occasional lap-nazi complete with snorkel and fins.

Better by far in the winter months when cooler air temperatures cause many to shy away from sea pools and the like, and just a few swimmers are left to enjoy less crowded pools and cool, clear saltwater.