Friday, July 9, 2010

Cold Days at Coogee

A dreadful week to begin the winter holidays. Usually, at this time of year, it's crisp and cool but also sunny and bright. Not this year - we've had days of grey skies, drizzly rain and cold, damp winds. I could almost be back in Lancashire. The air temperature has been well below average too.

I've managed to go for a swim at Wylies Baths every day of the holidays so far. It's been a different winter swimming experience from my usual one. Still, the seawater has stayed at seventeen to eighteen degrees most days (warmer than the air), so still no need for the swimcap.


  1. brrr Chris, you're right!! We are having a heatwave almost like the late 70s (gosh how old does that make me sound!) and from today onwards there's even a hosepipe ban - the sign of a real summer!!

  2. I'm of a similar vintage myself. I spent every summer from 1975 to the early eighties in Carbis Bay in Cornwall. I remember that, in 1976, even the normally chilly Atlantic heated up to an almost Mediterranean temperature.

  3. Sounds so cold! We are in the middle of Summer here in the U.S. I cant imagine swimming in the winter. Great pictures!