Saturday, October 31, 2009

Avoiding The Stingers At Coogee

The pool below the surf-lifesavers' clubhouse at Coogee Beach.

Last night, around nine, I was swimming here. Bright moonlight was shining on the bay. The light above the clubhouse was shining into the water of the pool. It was a warm night- great for swimming in cool, clear saltwater. Waves were breaking over the sides as I swam. I didn't want to leave. I kept swimming until I was shivering.

This morning, it was a different story. The onshore winds had brought stingers to the beaches. There was a bloke in the water fishing them out, but the waves kept washing more in. It' wasn't going to be fun swimming here.

The stingers were mostly bluebottles (Portugese Man-Of-War). The south and central areas of the beach were littered with them.

So I walked down to the south end of the beach, and along the headland, to swim at Giles Baths. The onshore winds were from the north-east, so this pool was in the lee of the point.

Free from stingers.

Clear, cool, wonderful water. A great swim.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Swim At Dawn Fraser Baths This Season

It's been a while since I wrote anything. I carried on swimming at Wylie's, Mahons and the surf- lifesavers pool at Coogee right through September. The water warmed up very quickly and was around 19 degrees by October. The October school holidays were awful with storms, persistent rain, dangerous seas and cold temperatures. No swimming for me until the last couple of days.

This weekend I swam at Wylie's a couple of times. Twenty degrees now and beautiful clear water. I thought today (Sunday) I would swim at Balmain in the Dawn Fraser Baths where I had meant to go on the first day of the summer season. Of course the storms etc. prevented that.

Not so sunny today but still warm.

I love the walk down to the baths, through the park, under the massive trees.

Nine o' clock, and I was the only swimmer.

The water was gorgeous.