Saturday, October 31, 2009

Avoiding The Stingers At Coogee

The pool below the surf-lifesavers' clubhouse at Coogee Beach.

Last night, around nine, I was swimming here. Bright moonlight was shining on the bay. The light above the clubhouse was shining into the water of the pool. It was a warm night- great for swimming in cool, clear saltwater. Waves were breaking over the sides as I swam. I didn't want to leave. I kept swimming until I was shivering.

This morning, it was a different story. The onshore winds had brought stingers to the beaches. There was a bloke in the water fishing them out, but the waves kept washing more in. It' wasn't going to be fun swimming here.

The stingers were mostly bluebottles (Portugese Man-Of-War). The south and central areas of the beach were littered with them.

So I walked down to the south end of the beach, and along the headland, to swim at Giles Baths. The onshore winds were from the north-east, so this pool was in the lee of the point.

Free from stingers.

Clear, cool, wonderful water. A great swim.

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  1. Thanks Chris, this is very informative. Have you repeated the experience over the past few years since your blog post?